When was the Indian Navy Founded?

By Priya Gupta|Updated : January 5th, 2023

The Indian Navy was founded in 1612 by the East India Company. The Indian Armed Forces' maritime division is known as the Indian Navy. The Indian Navy's Supreme Commander is the country's president. The navy is led by a four-star admiral named the Chief of Naval Staff. Every year on December 4, Indian Navy Day is observed to honour the contribution and efforts of the Indian Navy in Operation Trident, which was carried out during the Indo-Pakistan War in 1971.

Indian Navy Founding Year

India has a long marine history that dates back roughly 6000 years. Since the Indus Valley Civilization, there have been records of the practice of navigation. Since then, Indian marine trade and expansions have advanced exponentially. India has a documented history of trading with nations throughout the Pacific and Indian oceans. Naval expeditions have travelled to Malaya and the Sumatran islands throughout history, from the Kalinga empire in the fifth to tenth centuries BCE to the Chola empire in the ninth to the twelfth centuries BCE.

The East India Company founded the Indian Navy in 1612. During the India-Pakistan war, Pakistan attacked Indian air bases on December 3, 1971. The Indian navy sent three missile boats of the Vidyut class, INS Veer, INS Nipat, and INS Nirghat, in an effort to repel the attack. The Indian Navy sunk three Pakistani navy ships during this operation. The attack that sank the ships in Karachi was organised by Commodore Kasargod Patnashetti Gopal Rao.

Despite the state of unrest in its neighbours, the Indian Navy has been crucial in keeping India at peace on the maritime front in the twenty-first century. It has been used to provide humanitarian aid during global crises and natural disasters, as well as to maintain the freedom and openness of India's maritime commercial routes.


When was the Indian Navy Founded?

The East India Company established the Indian Navy in 1612. The Navy had mostly recovered from its post-Independence staffing shortages by 1955. Operation Trident, a devastating assault on the Karachi Naval Headquarters of Pakistan by the Indian Navy on December 4 that resulted in the sinking of a minesweeper, a destroyer, and an ammo supply ship, was carried out effectively.

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FAQs on Indian Navy Founding Year

  • The East India Company established the Indian Navy in 1612. The Indian Navy is the marine branch of the Indian Armed Forces. The president of India is the Supreme Commander of the Indian Navy.

  • The Indian Navy observes Operation Trident's launch against Pakistan during the Indo-Pak War on December 4 every year. On December 4–5, 1971, the Indian Navy organized the night strike. The purpose of the holiday is to celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of the Indian Navy to the nation.

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