When Was Project Tiger Launched in India?

By Esha Dhawan|Updated : August 23rd, 2022

A) 1972

B) 1952

C) 1962

D) 1973

Project Tiger was launched on 1st April 1973 in India. Hence, the correct option is D) 1973. The Royal Bengal Tiger is the National Animal of India. However, since the animal was found in huge numbers in the country, it became a hunting ground for poachers. Thus, Project Tiger was launched to conserve the Tiger population in the country and create a stable ecosystem for them. Read further to learn more about the project and its success.


Project Tiger was launched in 1973 in India

Project Tiger has been the most extensive conservation initiative for any species worldwide. It was launched during the leadership of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi under the guidance of Kailash Sankhala, who was the project's first director. 

The project aimed to identify the cause of the reduction in tiger habitats and improve the condition of natural ecosystems that were damaged over time.


When Was Project Tiger Launched in India?

Project Tiger was launched in India in 1973 under the leadership of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. The project aimed to conserve the tiger population in the country and became the largest conservation initiative in the world.


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