What were the main reasons for the Anglicist and classicist controversy?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 1st, 2022

The disagreement over the type of education India's native populace should get was the primary driver of the Anglicist-Orientalist conflict.

  • Sanskrit, Arabic, and Persian were supported by the Orientalists led by Dr. H.H. Wilson, whereas the Angliicsts led by Charles Trevelyan supported English.
  • Even though the Charter Act of 1813 was the first law to establish India's educational system explicitly, it sparked a debate over the preferred method of instruction between anglophiles and classicists.
  • Additionally, the Charter Act of 1813 lacked clarity regarding the goals of education and the strategies for enhancing the works of literature by India's educated indigenous.
  • The emphasis placed by the Charter Act was on allocating only one lakh rupees; no precise rules were given for the establishment of institutions and colleges in India.

Reason for Controversies between Anglicists and Classicists

The following factors were the key causes of the controversy:

  • There were disagreements and conflicts regarding the organizations arranging the schools and colleges.
  • There were also three viewpoints on the preferred teaching method.
  • According to the first viewpoint, Sanskrit and Arabic should be used as teaching languages to further western sciences and knowledge.
  • The Indian population was divided over educational methods as well.
  • Regarding the methodology, it was divided into two perspectives.
  • The initial viewpoint was that education always spread from the highest sections of society to the general populace.
  • The phrase "Downwards Filtration Theory" applied to it.
  • The opposing viewpoint thought that the business should be in charge of teaching the general public.


What were the main reasons for the Anglicist and classicist controversy?

The main reason for the Anglicist and classicist controversy was disagreement over the education native Indians should receive.


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