What is the Scientific Study of Birds Called?

By Esha Dhawan|Updated : July 21st, 2022

Are you someone who is fascinated by birds? If yes, do you know what is the scientific study of birds called? Well, the answer is Ornithology. From a tiny hummingbird to a giant emu, all birds come under the realm of Ornithology. This study was developed during the late 16-century in Europe because humans were fascinated by birds and their unique characteristics.


The scientific study of birds is Ornithology

The term Ornithology comes from the Latin term “Ornithologia” which translates to “bird science”. The study also constitutes the natural history of birds and aims to study the ecology and biogeography of avifauna in forests. What’s more, both professionals and non-professionals can contribute to this line of research.

Special Categories Under Ornithology

Here are a few special categories that are studied in the field of Ornithology:

  • Taxonomy
  • Anatomy 
  • Ecology lifestyle and behaviours

The collection of bird skins and eggs along with photography contributes to the study of Ornithology.


What is the Scientific Study of Birds Called?

The scientific study of birds is called Ornithology which translates to the science of birds in Latin. It is a branch of science that mainly studies the ecology, biogeography, systematics and macroecology of birds among other things.

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