What is the Role of the Judicial System?

By Mandeep Kumar|Updated : September 5th, 2022

The role of the judicial system is to protect rule of law and ensure the supremacy of law. The Judiciary works on dispute resolution, judicial review, upholding the law, and enforcing fundamental rights. It implies to all the people rich and poor, men or women, forward or backward castes, etc.

Details on Role of the Judicial System

The judicial system safeguards the rights of the individual, settles disputes, and ensures that democracy does not give way to dictatorship. 

  • Judicial Review: The Judiciary in India has the power to strike down any law which violates the basic structure of the constitution. 
  • Dispute Resolution: It is the process of resolving disputes between people, between any citizen and state government, between any citizen and central government, etc. in accordance with the law.
  • Upholding The Law and Enforcing Fundamental Rights: In the event of a violation of the fundamental rights of any citizen of India, he/she can move to the Supreme court or High court.

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  • The role of the Judicial System comprises the protection of rule of law and ensuring the supremacy of law.

  • The system of courts that settle legal disputes/disagreements and interprets, defend, and apply the law in legal cases is called a Judicial System.

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