What is the role of MNCs in the globalization process?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 5th, 2022

MNCs are important players in the globalization process. Additionally, they directly interact with regional and small producers, integrating the markets while far away. Their work promotes investments and international goods commerce, strengthening international ties.

  • MNCs not only sell their products internationally, but they also manufacture their items there as well.
  • Small elements of the production process are dispersed around the world.
  • Convergence in business and development across nations is the outcome.
  • Materials, goods, services, and technology are distributed.

Concept of Globalization

Rapid global economic integration, or "globalization," is how nations become increasingly interconnected. Communication and trade between nations have improved thanks to globalization. One such example from older times is the silk route. With the growth of MNCs over the past 20–30 years, there has been a great surge in globalization.

  • Multinational corporations, or MNCs, have production facilities set up in multiple nations.
  • MNCs locate production facilities worldwide with abundant, inexpensive labor, proximity to markets, and supportive political environments.
  • Since the MNCs are producing and selling in many countries, they are interlinking the economies of these countries, thus speeding up globalization.


What is the role of MNCs in the globalization process?

MNCs are significant participants in the process of globalization. They also interact directly with nearby small and regional producers, integrating the markets despite their distance. Their efforts create global links by encouraging investments and global trade of goods.


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