What is the role of humans in resource development?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 2nd, 2022

The role of humans in resource development is crucial as people use nature to curate more resources with their knowledge, technology, and skills. This is the reason why human beings are considered unique resources. People are the talk of the town when developing resources, and all things can become resources only when people use them.

Role of Humans in Resource Development

  • Humans can turn natural things into usable ones through technology. Without technology, development would not be possible.
  • There are some regions where resources are filled with abundance. There are also areas where resources are limited.
  • If people are developed, they can use technology to transform a resource-poor region into a developed area. An example is Japan.
  • Humans have developed organic and chemical fertilizers to turn barren land into an area full of food crops to meet their daily needs.
  • Although humans have damaged the ecosystem, there is a visualization of some development.
  • A nation's development depends on the overall development of the human race. People increase the economy of a country.
  • They can eradicate social backwardness and transform various substances into proper forms using their full potential.
  • The interdependent relationship between nature is essential in turning things into resources.
  • Humans interact with nature through technology and create institutions and industries to accelerate the pace of economic development. So people are an essential part of resources.


What is the role of humans in resource development?

People make the best use of nature to curate more resources while having the knowledge, technology, and skill to do so, which is why human beings are considered special resources.


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