What is the oxygen cycle, and why is it important?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 1st, 2022

The oxygen cycle is a biological process that works through the earth's three main spheres, assisting in maintaining the oxygen level.

  • Atmosphere
  • Lithosphere
  • Biosphere

The carbon cycle and the oxygen cycle are linked.


Importance of Oxygen Cycle

  • The oxygen cycle is crucial for maintaining the environment's concentration and level of oxygen in the environment.
  • Although oxygen is a vital component of life, some anaerobic bacteria may be poisonous to it.
  • The oxygen cycle starts when plants undergo photosynthesis in the presence of sunlight.
  • This process releases oxygen back into the atmosphere, breathed in by people and animals and exhaled as carbon dioxide. This process then links back to the plants.
  • The importance of oxygen in our lives is crucial. Any living thing on this planet would not be able to survive without oxygen.
  • Therefore, the oxygen level on this planet must be kept constant by all means, and the oxygen cycle helps us in that way.
  • All living things utilize oxygen for respiration.
  • When plants and animals pass away, they degrade. As a result of this process, carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere.
  • Metals rust as a result of this process, also known as oxidation. Another activity that depletes oxygen.
  • Combustion is the process that creates fire, and it also needs oxygen in addition to heat and fuel.
  • In addition to depleting oxygen, this process releases carbon dioxide into the environment.


What is the oxygen cycle, and why is it important?

The oxygen cycle is important as it is a biological activity moving through the planet's three spheres and helps keep the oxygen level stable.


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