What is the meaning of the line “Both wry with the labored ease of loss”?

By Ritesh|Updated : November 15th, 2022

The line “Both wry with the labored ease of loss” is the recollection of the mother of her childhood days and the recollection of the poet of the laughing face of her mother. In this poem, the poet speaks very emotionally about his mother's childhood photos. In addition, the poet creates a contrast between the snail's pace of nature and the ever-changing, fast-paced life of man.

Both wry with the labored ease of loss

The poet recalls that her mother was disappointed that she had lost the joy of her childhood, and she laughed at the pictures of her. But back then, vacations at the beach were the poet's mother's past, and now her mother's laughter is the poet's past.

At different times, and with great difficulty, both come out of the pain that comes with remembering their respective losses and pasts. Moreover, the death of the mother brings the poet great grief and a terrible sense of loss. The "silence" of this painful situation renders the poet mute.

The line "Two people tormented by the tedious lightness of loss" tells the story of the poet and her mother, and how disappointed they were at the loss they had experienced for so long.


What is the meaning of the line “Both wry with the labored ease of loss”?

Both the poet and her mother's memory of the poet's mother's laughing face can be seen in the sentence, "Both wry with the labored ease of loss."


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