What is the meaning of Mansabdars?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 3rd, 2022

Mansabdars were province governors, senior civil and military officers, and military commanders. The system was first implemented under Mughal Emperor Akbar. Mansab, which means rank or position in Arabic, is a noun.

Mansabdars Definition and Meaning

  • Within the Akbar-instituted Mughal Empire's administrative structure, the Mansabdar was a military division.
  • Thus, the method determined a government official's rank and that of other military generals.
  • Each civil and military officer received a "Mansab," which may be increased by ten, and different numbers were used for higher officers.
  • It also decided the officers' pay and benefits.
  • The Mansabdars were high civil and military leaders, provincial governors, and military commanders in Akbar's Mansabdari system.
  • In this arrangement, the king had direct control over the nobles. He awarded them the right to possess a jagir, or revenue allocations (not actual land), in exchange for their services.
  • Although there were only 33 Mansabs, Abu'l Fadl listed 66 ranks of Mansabdars.
  • The lowest grade during Akbar's early reign was 10, while the highest was twelve thousand.
  • Princes and Rajput kings who recognised the emperor's suzerainty received higher Mansabs.


What is the meaning of Mansabdars?

In addition to being high civil and military officers, Mansabdars were also military commanders. Under the Mughal Emperor Akbar, the system was initially put into place. Manasabadar is a phrase for a person who holds a position of authority inside a government.


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