What is the Main Purpose of the Assessment?

By Harshal Vispute|Updated : July 22nd, 2022

An essential component of the teaching-learning process is always believed to be assessment. The evaluation shows how effectively teachers have planned classroom instruction and how far learners have come in their learning. Teachers can alter or change the quality of their instruction by the demands of the students during the actual teaching of the unit, thanks to an inherent process in teaching-learning. Assessment for learning aims to give both the teacher and the student feedback on how the student is doing concerning accomplishing the learning target.

Purpose of Assessment

  • The major purpose of assessment is to help identify learning gaps in students and what corrective activities should be appropriate to reduce them so that students can continue or improve their learning.
  • It collects information on a student's knowledge and skills as the class moves through a unit of study to identify any learning gaps.
  • Give the students feedback on their work with the atlas and suggestions for improving, reevaluating, and communicating their learning.
  • It tells students what they have accomplished successfully, where they have encountered challenges, and what they need to change to enhance their work.
  • It anticipates mistakes from students and instructs them to analyze these mistakes to enhance their learning.
  • Additionally, it evaluates the student's learning progress and determines whether to advance them to the following class.


What is the Main Purpose of Assessment?

Assessment for learning is a continuous process that tracks student progress and aims to help both teachers and students learn better. It continuously improves instruction and supports students in taking control of their own education. The assessment data is used to decide the subsequent teaching continually and learning phases to improve the teaching-learning process. The goal of formative assessments is assessment for learning. To attain their goals and develop into more self-directed, metacognitive, independent, and successful learners, students must continually reflect on their own learning, monitor it, and adjust their learning practices. This constant process is known as assessment as learning.

Assessment as learning is another goal of formative evaluations. At the instruction's conclusion, the learning assessment evaluates what and how well the pupils have learned. It verifies student learning and gauges their general success/proficiency. It establishes whether learning objectives and results have been met. Summative tests are used to evaluate student learning.

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What is the Main Purpose of the Assessment FAQ's

  • The author of this essay makes the case that to support high-quality education, each of the three primary purposes of assessment to support learning, assessment for accountability, and assessment for certification, advancement, and transfer needs to receive the proper consideration.

  • The assessment aims to obtain pertinent data regarding student performance or development or to identify student interests to evaluate their learning process. 

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