What is the Full Form of UR and EWS?

By Esha Dhawan|Updated : June 30th, 2022

You must have come across the abbreviations UR and EWS quite often while filling government forms in India. But do you know what are the EWS and UR full form? UR and EWS stand for Unreserved and Economically Weaker Sections respectively. These abbreviations denote different sections or categories in our country in the context of reservations. 


UR full form denotes the Unreserved category and EWS stands for Economically Weaker Sections 

The reservation system plays an important role in improving the social and economic conditions of the backward communities in the country. The concept was proposed by Dr. BR Ambedkar to ensure equal representation for all the people of India despite their caste or financial status.

UR Full Form

UR full form stands for the Unreserved category that refers to the general class of people. The UR category describes the citizens who don’t come under the SC, ST, and OBC quotas. Hence, this is an open category that is applicable to every Indian citizen. 

EWS Full Form

The EWS category refers to the economically weaker sections of society that are in dire need of monetary assistance from the government. The EWS is a subdivision of the UR category and describes the families who have an annual income below Rs 8 lakhs and their house value is also below Rs 8 lakh. What’s more, the citizens from the SC, ST and OBC categories don’t fall under the EWS category. 


What is the Full Form of UR and EWS?

The EWS and UR full form are as follows - Economically Weaker Sections and Unreserved category respectively. The UR category is for the people who don’t belong to any backward caste and are not eligible for any reservation quota. On the contrary, the EWS category is for the people who fall below the poverty line (BPL) and require financial assistance from the government. It denotes the people who live in extremely poor conditions but not because of their own fault. Both these categories don’t fall under the SC, ST and OBC categories. 


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