What is NIC Full Form in Computer?

By Mona Kumari|Updated : April 1st, 2022

NIC full form: NIC is an abbreviation for Network Interface Card. It is a card that carries an Ethernet adapter for attaching the computer to a wired network. It can bestow a secure, reliable and faster connection. The full form of NIC is also known as Ethernet or physical or network card.

NIC full form in computer (Network Interface Card) is one of the major and crucial components to associate a device to the network. It is one of the influential components to attach a device to the network. Any device that needs to be attached to a network should have a network interface card.

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What is the Full Form of NIC?

The full form of NIC is a Network Interface Card. NIC can also be called a network adapter or LAN network. It is a portion of computer hardware used to link a computer to a network, either through cables or wirelessly.

Full-Form of NIC in Computer

NIC Full form various possible NIC related full forms in Computer, Networking, Banking, Abbreviation, acronym, short-form etc. Here we are talking about the full form of NIC in Computers & Networking.

NIC stands for Network interface controller, also comprehended as a network interface card. It is a hardware device that links a computer to a computer network. The NIC is incorporated into the motherboard, or it may be connected to be an external device via a USB cable.

NIC Full Form: Advantages

NIC connects different networking devices to share data over the connected network. It provides numerous functionality and many advantages, which are listed below:

  • NIC delivers a steadfast, secure, and prompter connection than the wireless network card.
  • It helps join external devices by utilizing multiple NIC ports.
  • The communication speed in NIC is lofty.
  • Network Interface cards are fairly affordable.
  • Through this, NIC users can transfer a huge amount of data.

NIC Full Form: Disadvantages

There are a few drawbacks of NIC too, which are listed below:

  • NIC is problematic to operate. 
  • NIC requires a decent configuration to operate efficiently.
  • NIC cards are not that safe, so the data inside NIC is not shielded.
  • For wired NIC, a hard-wired connection is needed.
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  • The Full Form Of NIC is a Network Interface Card. It is a card that carries an Ethernet adapter for attaching the computer to a wired network.

  • The full form of NIC in Networking is Network Interface Controller also known as a network interface card, which is similar to the NIC in Computer.

  • The full form of NIC for different fields are:

    • NIC in Banking - National Insurance Company
    • NIC in Govt. of India - National Informatics Centre
    • NIC in Electronics – Network Interface Card
  • A NIC delivers a computer with a reliable, full-time connection to a network. It implements the physical layer circuitry required for communicating with a data link layer standard.

  • NIC is a device with a processor that can connect and communicate with the network. The Ethernet port is a portion of the NIC where the physical linkage to the cable is made.

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