What is the Full Form of DCP?

By Esha Dhawan|Updated : June 23rd, 2022

As you know, in the police department, there are various positions and ranks that carry different responsibilities. Therefore, it is easy to confuse different positions. The abbreviation DCP stands for Deputy Commissioner of Police, who is responsible for maintaining law and order in an entire district. The DCP is the head of criminal administration and supervises all the executive magistrates. He/she is also responsible for controlling and directing the actions of the police.

The DCP is a senior rank in the Indian police and typically ranks below the police Commissioner. This rank is commonly used in Commonwealth countries and is entrusted with the duty of maintaining peace in a district or union territory. Furthermore, the DCP is also responsible for hearing the revenue cases in the metropolitan areas of India. To become a DCP, a person must have completed their graduation and hold a Bachelor’s degree from any recognised university.


DCP Full Form

The DCP full form is Deputy Commissioner of Police, which is a highly celebrated and senior rank in the Indian police department. The DCP is the second-highest position next to the Commissioner. They are responsible for maintaining order in an entire district and they hold the rank of Superintendent. 


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  • The DCP full form is Deputy Commissioner of Police. He/she holds the rank of Superintendent and is responsible for maintaining peace in a metropolitan city or district.

  • It is crucial to know the DCP full form as well as other commonly used abbreviations to prepare for any competitive exam. You must work on your general knowledge and learn the important terms and titles in the police department and the government.

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