What is the Extension of Saved File in MS Excel?

By Harshal Vispute|Updated : July 27th, 2022

One frequently used Microsoft Office program is MS Excel. The program is a spreadsheet that is used to store and analyze numerical data. Data can be entered into MS Excel's spreadsheet program in the form of tables. Data analysis on an Excel spreadsheet is simple. MS Excel is extensively used for various reasons since it is simple to preserve data and add and remove information without effort. Microsoft Office 2007 introduced the Microsoft Excel Binary File Format, also known as XLS, with the.xls extension. A Microsoft Excel or equivalent spreadsheet program can create an XLS file, which is a file that contains one or more worksheets that store and display data in a tabular format. XLS files can also contain charts, styles, formatting, and mathematical functions.

Important files can also include the following extensions: 

  • Image - JPG 
  • Word - Docx 
  • PowerPoint - ppt
  • Text - txt

MS Excel - Application and Uses

  • The.xls file extension is used to save MS Excel files.
  • MS Excel is used by businesses with a large workforce to make saving personnel data easier.
  • Hospitals also employ Excel spreadsheets so that patient data may be saved more readily and erased conveniently after their medical history has been cleared.
  • Worksheet refers to the document you are working on.
  • A single Excel file can include several worksheets.
  • This is a program that processes data.


What is the Extension of Saved File in MS Excel?

One of the first and most extensively used spreadsheet programs is Microsoft Excel. The software has undergone numerous updates throughout time, including support for new file formats or extensions that have emerged. Each brand-new extension has entirely unique features and applications. Thus, we should be familiar with the several Excel extensions that are most frequently used. The main definition of a file extension is a suffix that is appended to the end of a computer file (an object that contains information, data, or a command) to specify the file type. A file extension typically consists of two to four characters.

Additionally, a dot (.) sign separates the extension from the filename. Before Excel 2007, the most common type of extension was the Excel XLS extension. Microsoft Excel worksheets are saved as files with the XLS file extension. The spreadsheet tool Excel is widely used for data like numbers and formulas, text, and creating geometric forms. The Microsoft Office software suite includes Excel. Microsoft-exclusive XLS files employ the Binary Interchange File Format to hold spreadsheet data.

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What is the Extension of Saved File in MS Excel FAQ's

  • Data can be entered into a spreadsheet tool called MS Excel in the form of tables. The user can now view data in a more organized manner. A pivot table can be inserted, tabulated data can be sorted, formulas can be added to the page, and big data may be calculated.

  • Workbooks are by default saved in Microsoft Excel as Excel Workbooks (.xlsx). Any other file format that Excel supports may be used as the default file format.

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