What is the Extension of Python File?

By Esha Dhawan|Updated : August 23rd, 2022

Python is a universal computer programming language that is used for software development and web application development. But do you know what is the extension of Python file? Fret not! We have that covered. Python file extensions are mentioned below:

  1. .py
  2. .pyi
  3. .pyc
  4. .pyd
  5. .pyo
  6. .pyw
  7. .pyz


Extensions of Python File are as follows - .py, .pyi, .pyc, .pyd, .pyo, .pyw, and .pyz.

Unlike other coding languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, Python is a general-purpose coding language. It can be used for back-end development, software development, and data science and writing system scripts. Moreover, a Python file must be edited in a text editor and run only with a Python interpreter.


What is the Extension of Python File?

Python is a widely used programming or coding language used for different purposes. The extensions for Python files are - .py, .pyi, .pyc, .pyd, .pyo, .pyw, and .pyz.

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