What is The Energy Flow in An Ecosystem?

By Raj Vimal|Updated : July 1st, 2022

The flow of energy in an ecosystem becomes unidirectional in the end. According to the food chain, the energy that comes into the ecosystem once does not revert back to the source. Understand this from the example below.

Autotrophs (plants) get energy from the Sun during the photosynthesis process. Human and animals eat Plants and their parts, during this process energy get transferred to them. At last, energy is used by them to get the work done, and then the energy gets heated into the environment.

In this complete process, the energy never reverts back to its previous source. That’s why it is called Unidirectional. In short, the flow of energy is like Sun - Plants - Human/Animals- Loss in Ecosystem.

Important Law of Energy Flow: Lindeman’s Law

According to Lindeman’s law of energy, every time one trophic level transfers the organic food energy to the next level, only 10% of the energy gets transferred there. The rest of the 90% of energy either gets used in digestion or other activities. Also, some energy loses in the environment.

This is also known as Lindeman’s 10% law of Energy. It was given by Lindeman in the year 1942.


The Flow of Energy in An Eco System is Always??

Every time energy gets transferred from one organism to another one. Due to this, every time it travels they lose a big amount of energy in the ecosystem that will never be reverted back to the source. This is why energy flow in the ecosystem remains unidirectional.

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What is The Energy Flow in An Ecosystem FAQs

  • The flow of energy is Unidirectional in the ecosystem. Plants absorb only 1 % of the energy given by the sun. Human and animals get energy from the plant but only 1/10th part of the energy gets collected by the next organism and 90% of energy get lost in the environment. Since the energy never gets reverted back to the source, that’s why it is Unidirectional.

  • Yes it is essential. Due to the energy flow, our ecosystem is going smooth but when it will stop our earth will lose greenery and it will directly affect human life. As they won’t have anything to eat.


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