What is the dimension formula of Voltage?

By Mandeep Kumar|Updated : August 4th, 2022

The dimension formula of voltage is ML2T3I-1. The electric potential difference per unit charge between two points in an electric field is called voltage. It is represented by the symbol ‘V’ or ‘E’. The SI unit of voltage is volt.

Answer: ML2T3I-1 is the dimension formula of voltage.

A voltage can represent either dissipation or storage of energy, a source of energy or loss. In the static electric field, voltage is defined as the work required to move per unit of charge between two points. Mathematically, it is demonstrated as Voltage = Work Done/ Charge. In an electric circuit, the potential is higher at one point whereas the other points have lower potential. The voltage or Potential Difference is the difference in charge between higher potential and lower potential.

More details on Voltage

Following are the crucial details on voltage:

  • It is also known as electric tension.

  • A common analogy that is used for explaining voltage is the “Hydraulic analogy”.

  • In the Hydraulic analogy, the voltage is equivalent to hydraulic water pressure.

  • Volt is a derived SI unit of voltage which is named after the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta to honor them.

  • According to ohm’s law voltage is equal to the product of current and resistance.


What is the dimension formula of Voltage?

The dimension formula of voltage is ML2T3I-1.


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