What is the Difference Between Solicitor and Attorney General of India?

By Harshal Vispute|Updated : January 2nd, 2023

The difference between a Solicitor and an Attorney General of India is that the Indian Attorney General is more effective than the Indian Solicitor General. The Solicitor general assists the Attorney General in fulfilling his official duties, whereas Attorney General is the highest law officer in the country.

Difference between Solicitor and Attorney General of India

Article 76 of the Indian Constitution creates the position of Attorney General of India. The differences between Attorney General and Solicitor have been elaborated in the table given below:

SolicitorAttorney General
The Solicitor General of India is inferior to the Indian Attorney General.The Attorney General is the nation's top law enforcement official.
They share the duties of the country's second law enforcement officer with the Attorney General and Additional Solicitors General for India.The Attorney General is the only position established by the Constitution, and Article 76 does not mention the solicitor general or additional solicitor general.
The Solicitor General and the Additional Solicitors General, like the Attorney General for India, represent the Union of India in court under the Law Officers (Terms and Conditions) Rules, 1972.The Solicitor General assists the Attorney General of India in carrying out his official duties.
Solicitor General and Additional Solicitors General are only statutory positions.The position of Attorney General for India is guaranteed by Article 76 of the Indian Constitution.
The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC) formally appoints the Solicitor General and makes a recommendation for the position.The Attorney General of India supervises the Solicitor General. The Law Officers (Conditions of Service) Rules, 1987 outline the responsibilities of the Solicitor General.

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