What is the Difference Between Rotation and Revolution of Earth?

By Shivank Goel|Updated : September 5th, 2022

The difference between rotation and revolution of Earth is that 'rotation' is the movement of Earth on its axis and 'revolution' is the movement of the Earth around the sun. the Earth's rotation takes almost 24 hours, whereas the Earth takes 365 days to make one revolution around the Sun, which makes 1 calendar year.

Rotation refers to the revolution of an object around its internal axis, whereas the same movement, if done on an external axis by an object, is called a revolution.

Rotation and Revolution of Earth



Earth spins around its axis.

Earth spins around the Sun

Takes 24 hours in one rotation

Takes 365 days in one revolution

Results in the day and night

Results in the change of seasons

From the West towards the East

Also, from West to East

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  • Rotation is the spinning of Earth around its axis, and revolution is the spinning of Earth around another object, the Sun.

  • The rotation of the Eart around its axis results in the day and night.

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