What is the difference between Dholavira and other Harappan cities?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 1st, 2022

The difference between Dholavira and other Harappan cities is - Dholavira was divided into three portions, as opposed to other Harappan cities, which were separated into two parts. High stone walls surrounded each area, and gates served as entrances.

  • The public meetings were held in a sizable open space in the village.
  • The sculptures were produced on little objects like seals in other Harappan cities. The carvings in Dholavira were inlaid into the wood and fashioned of white stones.
  • The Dholavira Signboard, one of the most important finds uncovered at Dholavira, was found in one of the side rooms of the northern city gateway.
  • One of the longest writings in the Indus script can be found on the signboard. Additionally, a four-sign inscription with huge letters on sandstone, discovered at this site, is thought to be the first of its kind at any Harappan site.

Difference Between Dholavira and other Harappan Cities

  • The Indus Valley Civilization's most well-known archaeological site in India is thought to be Dholavira.
  • J. P. Joshi of the Archaeological Survey of India made the find in 1967–1968.
  • The ASI has been conducting excavations there since 1990.
  • Dholavira is considered a significant hub for trade, connecting towns in South Gujarat, Punjab, Sindh, and Western Asia.


What is the difference between Dholavira and other Harappan cities?

Harappan cities were divided into two parts, whereas Dholavira was divided into three. The carvings in the Harappan cities were made on small objects, whereas in Dholavira, the carvings were made inlaid in wood and white stones.


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