What is the Difference Between Contour Barriers and Contour Ploughing?

By Shivank Goel|Updated : August 25th, 2022

The difference between Contour Barriers and Contour Ploughing is that contour barriers are simply contour strips or barricading created to slow down the water and soil particles flowing downwards. In contrast, contour ploughing refers to a technique used to prevent soil erosion.

Contour Barriers and Contour Ploughing

Contour Barriers and Contour Ploughing both are forms of sustainable agriculture. Few points that make them different are:

Contour Barriers

Contour Ploughing

Kind of an obstruction or strips created to prevent 'tillage erosion.'

Crop plantation and ploughing across a slope following the contour lines.

They reduce the gully formation during heavy rainfall.

A technique to prevent soil erosion.

Filter out and trap suspended soil particles and prevent them from washing out.

Also called Contour Farming.

Builds a terrace effect.

Trenches are created as barriers.

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  • Yes, Contour Farming is also known as Contour Ploughing.

  • Technically, the Contour Barriers work towards creating a ‘terrace effect’.

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