What is the Difference Between Bharat QR and BHIM UPI?

By Shivank Goel|Updated : September 5th, 2022

The difference between Bharat QR and BHIM UPI is that Bharat QR is a mobile payment solution that uses the P2M or the Person to Merchant mode using credit or debit cards. BHIM UPI is much more dynamic and can be used in Person to Person mode as well other than the Person to Merchant mode. This is accomplished via virtual payment addresses.

Bharat QR and BHIM UPI

Bharat QR is one of the digital payment solutions that is being used by a number of Indians. You only need a mobile phone to use this facility. To make payments through this platform, a person needs to have the BQR-enabled mobile banking app.

Bharat Interface for Money or BHIM is a UPI-based payment interface that permits real-time fund transfers using a single identity like your mobile number or name.

NPCI is the operating organization responsible for all these payment solutions and works with Visa and Mastercard payment networks to ensure smooth operations of payment solutions such as Bharat QR and BHIM UPI.

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  • Yes, you need to make one-time registration of your card in the mobile banking application so that you can save your details and can make future payments easily.

  • No, BHIM is not a wallet but a simple payment app to make instant fund transfers.

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