What Is the Collection of Books Called?

By Esha Dhawan|Updated : August 6th, 2022

The answer to what is the collection of books called is a pile of books. Hence, we say that he/she is carrying a pile of books to the library. The word ‘pile’ is a collective noun that refers to a collection of books. As the name suggests, collective nouns are words that refer to a collection or number of things or people.


A collection of books is called a pile of books

Collective nouns are basically singular nouns that are useful when describing a group or collection of the same thing such as people, animals or even things. Some examples of collective nouns include:

  • A herd of cows
  • crowd of people
  • galaxy of stars
  • swarm of bees


What Is the Collection of Books Called?

A collection of books is referred to as a pile of books. Here’s how it can be used in a sentence - Apoorva was carrying a pile of books when she left the library. Collective nouns are singular words that denote a plural form of things, people or animals.


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