What is the capital of Belgium?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 5th, 2022

The capital of Belgium is Brussels. Brussels, Belgian Belgium, French Belgian capital Brussels is a city. It is situated in the valley of Schelde's minor tributary, the Senne (Flemish: Zenne) River (French: Escaut).


  • The largest urban agglomeration in the country is Greater Brussels. There are 19 communes or municipalities, and they all have a lot of administrative autonomy.
  • Brussels is located in Belgium's Central Plateaus. Brussels has traditionally served as the commercial and transportation hub for the larger region, including the valleys of the Schelde, Sambre, and Meuse rivers. This region is bordered north by the Atlantic Oceanfront of sandy lowlands and polders and the rough Ardennes mountains to the south.
  • The historic district of the city and the so-called "European Quarter," which houses the institutions of the European Union (EU), are located in the largest commune, which bears the same name as the larger metropolitan area: Brussels.
  • After Belgium was federalized in 1989, Greater Brussels has formally renamed the Brussels-Capital Region.
  • The Brussels-Capital Region is one of the nation's three major political divisions, together with the much larger regions of Flanders and Wallonia.
  • Brussels is referred to as the "capital of Europe" since it is the location of the EU, and it shares the title of "global city" with other major cities like New York, London, Paris, and Tokyo due to its position as a hub of worldwide business and governance.
  • Area Region of Brussels-Capital, 62 miles (161 square km). Pop. (1,222,637 as of 2022 estimate); Brussels commune (188,737).


What is the capital of Belgium?

Brussels is Belgium's capital. It is known for its cuisine, chocolate, French fries, waffle, and numerous types of beers. Brussels, French Belgian, Belgian Belgium, capital Brussels is a city. It is located in the valley of the minor tributary of Schelde. 


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