What is the Burst of the Monsoon?

By Shivank Goel|Updated : September 6th, 2022

The Burst of the Monsoon can be defined as the increase in normal rainfall suddenly that constantly continues for several days. It is an abrupt change in the weather from hot and dry to wet and humid, which is characterized by rainfall.

The Burst of the Monsoon

Broadly speaking, monsoons are seasonal winds that change direction with the season. The monsoons are a twofold system of seasonal winds because they begin their journey from the sea to land in the summer and from the land to the sea in the winter. The monsoon season lasts between 100 and 120 days, starting in early June and ending in mid-September. The "burst" of the monsoon is when the typical rainfall suddenly intensifies upon its arrival and lasts nonstop for several days.

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  • The burst of monsoon is when the typical rainfall abruptly increases around the beginning of the monsoon and stays elevated for many days.

  • The monsoon or rainy season begins from the month of June and goes through September. The season is dominated by the muggy southwest summer monsoon, which starts in late May or early June and steadily moves across the nation. Beginning in early October, monsoon rains stop falling in North India. Rainfall is often higher in south India.

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