What is the aim of the Singh Sabha movement?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 2nd, 2022

The Singh Sabha movement aimed to restore the religion of Sikhs to its former glory and return the apostates to the fold of Sikhs who converted to other faiths. The Singh Sabha movement is a Sikh movement that began in 1870 in Punjab as an answer to Hindu, Christian reform movements (Arya Samaj, Brahmo Samajis) and Muslim proselytization (Aligarh and Ahmadiyah movements).

Singh Sabha Movement

  • It was established during a period when the British annexed and dissolved the Sikh Empire, traditional Sikhs were quickly converting to other religions, and the Khalsa lost its prestige.
  • The movement aimed to “promote the Sikh religion and restore Sikhism to its glory; create and distribute historical and religious books of Sikh; and promote Gurmukhi Punjabi using media and magazines.”

Aim of the Singh Sabha Movement

  • The former glory of the Sikh religion was restored by the Singh Sabha movement and British rulers of states who converted into the Sikh fold from other faiths.
  • The Singh Sabha primarily focused on religious and social reform by education and consciously neglected discussing political problems or causing any discomfort to the British rulers.
  • The policy of Singh Sabha was established in 1870 to avoid criticism of political issues and other religions.
  • To indulge Englishmen who were high-ranking to be a part of the Sikh educational program.
  • To offer Sikhs modern western education.
  • To combat the proselytizing activities of Brahmo Samajists, Christian missionaries, Muslim Maulvis and Arya Samajists.


What is the aim of the Singh Sabha movement?

The aim of the Singh Sabha movement was to restore the Sikh religion to its former glory and bring back the apostates to the Sikh fold who had converted to other faiths.


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