What is the Actual Meaning Of Medical Term Of Bdac, Bdpc, etc.?

By Ritesh|Updated : November 4th, 2022

The actual meaning of medical term of BDAC is twice a day before meals, BDPC is twice a day post meals, ODPC is once a day post meals and TDPC is thrice a day post meals. The acronyms BDAC, BDPC, etc. are used by doctors when they write prescriptions for medications.

Medical Terms

  • It is the terminology used to appropriately represent the human body, including all of its functions, parts, treatments, and environmental factors.
  • BDAC stands for before meals twice a day.
  • BDPC stands for after meals twice daily.
  • ODPC stands for once daily, post-meal.
  • TDPC denotes three times after meals.

Medical terminology is used to accurately explain the human body and includes all its processes, components, conditions that affect it, and steps that are performed on it. Medical terms are used in the medical field. Medical terms have a fairly regular form, with the same suffixes and prefixes being used to add meaning to various roots. The term mainly refers to a tissue, organ, or condition. For instance, in the condition called hypertension, the prefix "hyper-" refers to "high" or "excessive" and the root word "tension" means pressure.

The word "hypertension" describes extremely high blood pressure. Roots, suffixes, and prefixes are often of Latin or Greek origin and often differ greatly from English variants. This morphology means that after a reasonable number of morphemes are learned, it becomes simple to understand the highly precise concepts that these morphemes consist of. Many medical terms are anatomical terms that name different body parts.


What is the Actual Meaning Of Medical Term Of Bdac, Bdpc, etc.?

The exact meaning of the medical terms is BDAC twice daily before meals, BDPC twice daily after meals, ODPC once daily after meals, and TDPC three times daily after meals. These terms indicate the human body explaining parts, functions, environmental factors, and treatments.


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