What is a Remustering Candidate in the Indian Army?

By K Balaji|Updated : August 16th, 2022

The term Remustering Candidate in the Indian Army stands for the step or process of assigning a distinct variety of duties. 'Remuster' is an informal term used in military groups. It is mainly used in Rapid Action Force (R.A.F.). Depending on the context, it may also represent the gathering of candidates for a movement. Reasons for remastering may change; It can be for upgradation or can also be done for medical reasons when one is not able to perform the primary duties.

Remustering Candidate in the Indian Army

The term 'remuster' originated in the 19th century. Procedure to replace the existing army officer with a new employee. A re-nominating candidate is one who is being considered as a replacement.

  • "Muster" is used in military forces and in the shipping industry.
  • This process should lead to the gathering and gathering of all the people in one place to delegate duties and responsibilities.
  • After the first mastering, candidates for remastering describe secondary regathering.

When used in relation to the military, remustering refers to the reassignment of the primary duty. Reasons for remustering may vary, it may be for upgradation for example in the Indian Army soldiers apply for trades with better financial/promotional benefits.

Some of the trades draw manpower only from other trades such as Flt Gunners (from Armament), Flt Engr (from Engine Fit/Propulsion), or PJI (from all Gp Y trades). Remustering can also be done if you are not able to perform primary duties due to medical or other reasons.

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FAQs on Remustering Candidates in the Indian Army

  • 'Remuster' is an informal word used in military groups. The term Remustering Candidate in the Indian Army stands for the step or procedure of assigning or being assigned to a separate category of tasks.

  • Remustering Candidate Meaning in Army in Hindi is - 'जो पहले से निर्धारित हो' एवं वो प्रत्याशी जिसको पहले से कोई काम समुनदेशित गया हो। दोबारा से किसी कारण से उत्तराधिकार होना या फिर पुछताछ या आलोचना के लिए सैन्य बल को दूसरी बार एकत्रित करना।

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