What is October Heat?

By K Balaji|Updated : September 7th, 2022

The October heat is responsible for the increase in temperature of the country after the monsoon and before winters. Because of the precipitation, cloud cover increased moisture, and sea waves in the coastal areas during the southwest monsoon, most parts of the country experience low temperatures. As the monsoon withdraws, the humidity drops down while the temperature gets suddenly rises, this results in a phenomenon called October heat.

October Heat in India

India experiences October heat in the month of October. It is marked by the sun’s movement towards the south. The northern plains experience the weakness of the low-pressure trough. This is then replaced by the weakening of the monsoon in the southwest resulting in a high-pressure system.

From October to November, there is a shift of the hot rainy season of the country towards the dry winter conditions. The clear sky and increase in temperature mark the retreat of the monsoon. At this point in time, the nights became cool while the temperature during the day increases.

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  • The phenomenon of October heat increases the temperature of India before winter and post-monsoon. During October heat, the humidity drops, and the temperature rises.

  • October heat is a phenomenon that happens because of the absence of rain. Indian sub-continent experiences the October heat with the sun proceeding towards the south and weakening of the monsoon trough.

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