What is meant by Standing Committee?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 7th, 2022

Standing committees are permanent committees that regularly meet to examine central government ministries' and agencies' bills, budgets, and policies.

  • There are numerous different committees in the Indian Parliament.
  • Their contributions, affiliations, and length of service can be distinguished.

Meaning and Definition of Standing Committee

  • There are two parliamentary committees: standing and ad hoc.
  • Standing Committees are regularly established, permanent committees created by the Lok Sabha's Rules of Procedure or the rules of the Parliament Act.
  • These committees are constantly engaged in activities.
  • Standing Committees include the Finance Committee, the DRSC, and a few smaller committees.
  • Ad hoc committees are formed with a specific objective in mind, and they are disbanded once they have finished the task at hand and submitted a report.
  • The Select and Joint Bills Bodies are the primary ad hoc committees.
  • Additionally included in the category of advertisements is the Joint Committee on Food Management in the Parliamentary Complex and the Railway Convention Committee.
  • For many years, there has been a desire to create some substantive committees or departmental parliamentary standing committees.
  • In reality, to address issues related to agriculture, science and technology, and the environment and forests, three standing committees were created in 1989.
  • It was finally decided in 1993 to create seventeen ministry-related Parliamentary Standing Committees, each composed of 15 Rajya Sabha members and 30 Lok Sabha members, to cover the various Ministries/Departments of the Union Government and further strengthen the Government's accountability to the Parliament.


What is meant by Standing Committee?

We have committees in the Parliament that examine bills, budgets, and agencies of the Federal Government. For several years, there has been a desire to create substantive or departmental parliamentary standing committees.


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