What is land use? Give examples.

By Ritesh|Updated : September 3rd, 2022

The land is used for various things, including farming, forestry, mining, building homes, roads, and industrial establishments. Land use is a popular word for this.


  • Forests
  • Non-agricultural Uses of Land
  • Deserts and Barren Lands
  • the region is covered by Grazing Lands and Permanent Pastures
  • the part surrounded by Other Tree Crops and Groves
  • (Net sown Area is not included.)
  • Current Fallow Other Than Current Fallow Net Area Sown Culturable Waste-Land

Importance of Land Use

  • Although land usage might not seem the most exciting subject to examine, it is.
  • First, it reveals much about the government's goals and land usage decisions.
  • Additionally, we can better foresee future trends the more we comprehend how and in what patterns the world has been changed to meet human requirements.
  • And the more we can plan for adverse effects, the better our ability to predict the future of land usage will be.
  • Deforestation is expected to continue, for instance, if humans require large amounts of wood and paper.
  • Since there will always be a need for food, only a shift in efficiency or population might make agricultural land unusable.
  • The study of human trends and movements is connected to land use.
  • Our human population centers are constantly changing shape and becoming more packed with homes.


What is land use?

The land is used for many purposes, including farming, forestry, mining, building houses, roads, and industrial facilities. Land usage is significantly impacted by the urbanization trend, which refers to the idea that people who formerly lived in the country (or rural areas) are relocating more and more to cities (or urban areas).


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