What is kuppia and kuffia?

By Krishan Yadav|Updated : June 29th, 2022

Kuppia is a long, black coat with an embroidered waist belt. It is a traditional dress of Kodavus and Kuffia is a long, black coat with an embroidered wait-belt worn by the Arabs and the Kurds.

Kuppia and Kuffia are categories of dresses. Kuppia is a dress that is like a long coat, and it can be of any black colour and any material, which has a waist belt that is embroidered in the traditional pattern by the people of Kodavus. Kuppia dresses look very elegant and are a part of the culture of the local people.

Kuffia is also a traditional dress that resembles Kuppia. It is made of a long coat that is black in color and has beautiful embroidery of different patterns on the waist belts of the dresses. Kuffias are dresses worn by the Kurds and the people of Arabs.

  • It's similar to Kuppia which is the traditional dress of the Kodavus, who are the native people of Coorg.
  • Kuffia traditionally is usually worn by the Arabs and the Kurds, the fact that it resembles Coorgi's Kuppia supports the theory of Arab origin.
  • Most of the people in coorge wear the kuppia as a traditional dress.
  • Coorge is also known as Kodavus, as they are Hindus in religion but their customs are different from Hindus.

It is believed that Kodavus are descended from the Greeks or the Arabs. … According to Arab theory, the Kuppia( A long, black coat with an embroidered belt) worn by the Kodavus resembles the Kuffia worn by the Arabs and the Kurds. Kodavus or Coorgis are known for their bravery and hospitality.


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