What is Kayal in Geography?

By Esha Dhawan|Updated : July 27th, 2022

The term ‘Kayal’ in geography is used for a shallow sea inlet or a shallow lagoon that is located parallel to a bigger water body or a coastline. Simply put, they are lagoons that are separated from any bigger water body by some type of natural barriers like a coral or barrier reef or even sandbars.

Kayals in Geography are shallow lagoons or lakes separated from bigger water bodies by natural barriers

In India, the state of Kerala is known for having multiple Kayals or lagoon lakes. In fact, the state’s popular paddy cultivation actually takes place below sea level and is called Kuttanad farming.


What is Kayal in Geography?

Kayal in geography is a term used to describe a shallow lagoon or sea inlet that is separated from a larger water body by some natural barrier like a coral or barrier reef. They are basically small lakes or ponds that are popular in Kerala, India.


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