What is Jet Stream?

By K Balaji|Updated : July 29th, 2022

Jet streams are narrow bands of high-speed wind that flow westerly In the upper level of the atmosphere (located near the altitude of the tropopause). The direction of the wind is predominantly from west to east in jet streams but this flow of wind can often shift to the north and south directions. It is also known as the upper atmosphere wind or geostrophic wind.

What is Jet Stream in the Atmosphere?

Jet streams are the fast-flowing narrow band currents of air formed in the upper atmosphere of a few planets (including the earth), mostly flowing from west to east directions. The average speed of the jet stream is 110 miles. However, the drastic temperature differences between the cool and the warm air can tend to its higher speed which can be 250 miles per hour (or, even faster).

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FAQs on What is Jet stream?

  • India experiences two types of Jet Streams- One Jet stream (Easterly) tends to move to the Indian peninsular and the other one moves to the Northern Himalayas in the summers from the west direction.

  • Jet streams of low pressure cause stronger winds and stormy rains. Contrary to this, if the jet stream gets slowed down, then the areas will experience high pressure because of which, the weather becomes less stormy, which results in dry skies and light winds.

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