What is Ijarah System?

By Mandeep Kumar|Updated : September 6th, 2022

The system in which a fixed sum of money is paid by the farmers to the state is called ijarah system. In turn, the state offered considerable freedom in the assessment and collection of taxes to the revenue farmers. It allowed new social groups, like moneylenders and bankers, to influence the management of the state’s revenue system.

About Ijarah System

The meaning of Ijarah is farming of revenue. It was a well-known practice in the land-revenue administration under the sultans of Delhi. It was introduced to elevate the state's revenue in Bengal under the reign of Jahandar Shah who was supported by nobel Zulfiqar Khan.

When the peasants could not cultivate the land due to unavailability of resources or some calamity, the lands were farmed out on ijarah to a third party called revenue farmers.

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  • Ijarah system refers to revenue farming which was introduced to boost the revenue of the state under Jahandar Shah.

  • The Ijarah System was introduced in the Mughal empire under Jahandhar Shah by Zulfiqar Khan.

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