What is Intensive Subsistence Farming?

By Mandeep Kumar|Updated : September 5th, 2022

The type of farming in which the farmer cultivates a small plot of land using simple tools and more labour is called Intensive Subsistence Farming. This type of farming is largely practised in densely populated regions of monsoon Asia.

About Intensive Subsistence Farming

Following are the key details related to intensive subsistence farming:

  • In this type of farming, a sunshine climate and fertile soil are required to grow more than one crop annually on the same plot.
  • It is prevalent in the thickly populated areas of the monsoon regions of south, southeast, and east Asia.
  • The main crop grown is rice.
  • Other than rice, wheat, maize, pulses, and oilseeds are also grown.
  • There are two types of intensive subsistence agriculture: Intensive subsistence agriculture dominated by wet paddy cultivation and Intensive subsidence agriculture dominated by crops other than paddy.

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  • Intensive Subsistence Farming refers to the cultivation of a small plot of land using simple tools and more labour. 

  • The crops that are grown through intensive subsistence farming are rice, maize, pulses, wheat, and oilseeds.

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