What is DBT Government Payment?

By Ritesh|Updated : August 9th, 2022

Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) is a scheme initiated by the Government of India to improve the administration of subsidies. The scheme was launched w.e.f. 01 January 2013 for 26 Central Government Schemes. As per the DBT government payment, the beneficiaries of government subsidies receive a direct bank transfer. Here are some reasons why DBT government payment was brought into place:

  • To help avoid corruption of the government schemes and subsidiaries made for the needy.
  • To ensure that the entire subsidiary amount directly reaches to the beneficiaries, without the involvement of any middlemen.

Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT)

DBT government payment was launched in a phased manner in 2013. At first, it was launched for 26 government schemes of many ministers and departments in 43 districts of the country. The scheme was modified to DBTL (Pahal), which was launched on pan India w.e.f. 01 January 2015.

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FAQs on What is DBT Government Payment?

  • DBT government payment or Direct Benefit Transfer is a scheme launched by the government of India to give the needy the benefit of direct subsidy transfer. As per the scheme, a direct bank transfer is to be provided to the beneficiaries of various government schemes.

  • People who are to avail of government subsidies get the benefit of a Direct Bank Transfer from the government to their bank account. DBT government payment is valid on 26 government schemes.

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