What is called Khalisa Land?

By Shivank Goel|Updated : November 7th, 2022

Khalisa land was the land that was under the direct control of the Sultan during the Mughal Empire. Whatever revenue was generated by the Khalisa land was used to support the royal court and the royal household. It implies that all revenue collected through these lands (Khalifa land) was transferred to the Emperor's treasury.

Khalisa Land and the Mughal Empire

During Akbar's reign, the entire country was divided into two parts: Khalisa (Crown Land) and Jagir (Land Assignments). During the Mughal reign, the ratio of Jagir to Khalisa fluctuated. Khalisa was barely 5% of total revenue under Akbar's reign, 10% under Jahangir, and 9-14% under Shahjahan.

  • The 'Khalisa Land' was the term given to the crown lands at the time of the Mughal Sultanate.
  • They were owned by the Emperor itself. All the taxes and revenue collected from these lands were used for the royal maintenance of the court and such.
  • It was managed by the nobles and amils who also used it to manage the troops and other similar expenses.
  • Khalisa lands were mostly converted into jagirs, and the jagirs were at times converted into Khalisa lands.

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FAQs on Khalisa Land

  • During the Mughal Empire, Khalisa land was directly under the Sultan's control. The royal court and royal household were supported by any revenue generated by the Khalisa land.

  • The revenue collected from the Khalisa land was directly sent to the Emperor’s treasury and was used for the royal court maintenance.

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