What is Bamboo Drip Irrigation System?

By Ritika Pant|Updated : October 12th, 2022

Bamboo Drip Irrigation System is a 200 year old technology of draining stream and spring water using bamboo pipes. This irrigation system is commonly used in Meghalaya. The procedure delivers 20-80 drops per minute at the plant site. The total quality of water that enters the bamboo pipe system is 18-20 liters. 

Bamboo Drip Irrigation System

One of the ancient irrigation systems is bamboo drip irrigation. The process involves transferring spring water using bamboo pipes. The technique uses the very simple phenomenon of gravity, which causes water to move from higher to lower.

An important feature of this irrigation system is that it can check the direction of the flow of water by changing the arrangement of bamboo pipes. The water easily reaches hundreds of meters through the pipe and reaches the target plant in the form of droplets. This type of irrigation system is so old and has many advantages which include:

  • Almost no leakage
  • Saves water and improves crop yield
  • Use of natural and inexpensive ingredients

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FAQs on Bamboo Drip Irrigation System

  • A 200-year-old technology of draining stream and spring water using bamboo pipes is called Bamboo Drip Irrigation System.

  • Meghalaya, located in the northeastern part of India, has widely used bamboo drip irrigation systems for many years. The reason is that Meghalaya has unlimited bamboo trees available compared to other states

  • The bamboo drip irrigation system is considered to be one of the oldest irrigation methods. It was initially used 200 years ago and helped irrigate crops using approximately 18-20 liters of water.

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