What is Article 82 of the Constitution?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 6th, 2022

Article 82 of the Constitution states that the Parliament is required by law to enact a Delimitation Act following each census. The Central Government establishes a Delimitation Commission following the Act's start. According to the Delimitation Act's guidelines, this commission defines the borders of the parliamentary constituencies.

Article 82 of the Constitution


  • Delimitation is setting geographical constituency boundaries in a nation to reflect population changes.
  • The number of Lok Sabha seats allotted to various states, and the overall number of seats in a state's Legislative Assembly, may change due to the delimitation process.
  • A recent census served as the foundation for the boundary revision.
  • The Delimitation Commission is the entity in charge of the delimitation process.

Why is constituency delineation done?

The following justifications are used when delimitation is done:

  • Equitable representation for all demographic groups within a population.
  • Dividing up the world fairly so that no one party has an unfair advantage over the others.
  • To follow the tenet "One Vote, One Value."


What is Article 82 of the Constitution?

According to Article 82 of the Constitution, the Parliament must pass a Delimitation Act following each census.

  • Following the Act's passage, the Central Government created a Delimitation Commission.
  • This commission determines the boundaries of the parliamentary seats under the Delimitation Act's regulations.


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