What is Article 261?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 7th, 2022

A public act is an act or law that concerns matters of public interest. Courts take judicial notice of such laws. Get to understand public actions, records, and court proceedings.

  • India is a union of states.
  • The constitution has a federal character because the center and the states share legislative, executive, and financial authority.
  • The court is structured hierarchically.

Article 261 in The Constitution Of India

The relationship between the center and the State is divided into three parts as follows:

  • Legislative relations
  • Administrative relations (Articles 256 to 263)
  • Financial relations

Public activities, documents, and judicial procedures are all covered by Article 261 of the Indian Constitution. The following clauses are included in it:

  • The public acts, records, and judicial processes of the Union and each State shall be given complete confidence and credit throughout India's entire territory.
  • The manner and conditions of proving the acts, protocols, and proceedings referred to in paragraph 1 and determining their effect shall be determined by an Act of Parliament.
  • Final decisions or decrees rendered by civil courts in any region of India are legally binding everywhere.


What is Article 261?

Article 261 plays a crucial role in protecting the security and well-being of Indian citizens; the Central Government and State Governments collaborate. Indian federalism is centered on the connection between the Centre and the States.


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