What is Article 244?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 6th, 2022

Article 244 of the Indian Constitution deals with the administration of scheduled areas and scheduled tribal regions. Article 244 (A) was brought up for Autonomous state demand in tribal areas by the 22nd constitutional amendment by the Congress government in 1969.

Constitution of India - Article 244 Provisions

This article was mainly introduced to maintain the tradition, customs, and livelihood of the tribal areas. It consists of provisions as per the below articles:

  • Article 244 (1), the provisions of the Fifth Schedule shall apply to the control and administration of the Scheduled Areas in any State specified in Part A or Part B of the First Schedule other than the State of Assam.
  • Article 244(2) The provisions of the Sixth Schedule will apply to the administration of the tribal areas in the Assam state
  • The 22nd amendment further amended Article 275 regarding grants and sums payable to the Autonomous state from and on its formation under article 244 (A).
  • Articles 244 (1) and Article 275 (1) belong to the Sixth Schedule, as mentioned above.
  • This provision allows decentralized governance and greater political autonomy in certain tribal areas of the northeast councils, administered by the already elected representatives in that state.


What is Article 244?

Article 244 of the Indian Constitution deals with administering scheduled tribal and scheduled areas. Article 244 (A) was set up for the demand of an Autonomous state in tribal areas by the Congress government's 22nd amendment of the constitution in 1969 by the Congress government.


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