What is an Ecological Niche? Write Down its Significance

By Durga Prashanna Mishra|Updated : July 8th, 2022

Ecological Niche is the term that refers to all of the interactions between a species and biotic and abiotic factors affecting it. It represents the fundamental and basic ecological concept. The definition has changed over time, in 1917 the term “ niche” was coined by Joseph Grinnell, and he used this term to mostly equivalent to species habitat. The Ecological Niche is important for a given place because it allows different species to live together in a place, usually without any competition. 

Define Ecological Niche and Its Significance

Ecological Niche refers to how a species interacts in an ecosystem, in which both biotic and abiotic factors affect the ability of the species to endure and survive. The significance of the Ecological Niche is as follows.

  • The Ecological Niche allows different species to live together usually without competition.
  • Each species is aware of its position in the food chain and ecosystem
  • The number of niches in an ecosystem defines the diversity of a place, which means they determine the number of species in it.
  • Some examples of Ecological niches are Blue Whale, Lion, Panda Bear, Green Anaconda, and Emperor Penguin.

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FAQs on What is an Ecological Niche and its Significance

  • In simple terms, Ecological Niche is the interactions between species and the living and non-living factors affecting it. It means, how the species meets its need for shelter and food, how it reproduces, how it survives, etc. It is important because it allows two species to live together.

  • The importance of the Ecological Niche includes- it allows the species to live together, and each species has an idea about its position in the ecosystem and food chain.

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