What is a Legitimate Government?

By Shivank Goel|Updated : September 5th, 2022

A legitimate government is a democratic government. A democratic government is chosen by the people and has their support, making it legitimate. The government can be held responsible by creating laws and policies that allow individuals to hold it accountable if any of them are not executed or are deemed to be against the benefit of the populace.

What makes up to be a Legitimate Government?

A democratic government can be called a legitimate government because of the following reasons;

  • When citizens begin to act after the government stops caring about its objectives, the government may be held accountable.
  • People have the power to compel the government to act by organizing protests, campaigns, and rallies.
  • Both the right and the power to pick one's rulers belong to the people. Citizens have the ability to influence decisions.
  • Democracy demonstrates how standards and procedures serve as the foundation for decision-making. Therefore, a citizen can learn if a decision was taken in accordance with the proper procedures.
  • When necessary, citizens can participate in decision-making.
  • A democratic government is one that the people own and control.
  • People want to be dominated by the officials they choose.

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  • A democracy is a form of governance in which the leaders are chosen by the people of the country. The government has accountability for its actions to the people. These reasons primarily make a democracy a legitimate government.

  • India is the largest Democracy in the world.

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