What is a Floor Test? How is Voting Done?

By Mandeep Kumar|Updated : September 8th, 2022

Floor test is a system to test the majority of the ruling government in the assembly. According to Article 163 of the Constitution, the governor of a state can ask the chief minister to prove his majority in the assembly when it is not in session. On the other hand, when the session is going on, the Speaker of the Assembly can ask for a floor test.

How Voting is Done in Floor Test?

  • Voting is done in three modes namely Ballot vote, Voice vote, and Divison vote.
  • The ballot vote is similar to the voting process during state or parliamentary elections.
  • The process of voting using slips, electronic gadgets, or in a ballot box is called division voting.
  • In a voice vote, the legislators are required to answer orally.

What is a Floor Test?

A motion in the assembly to test whether the ruling government enjoys the legislature’s confidence is called a floor test. The governor is vested with the power to prorogue, summon, and dissolve the legislature as per Article 174 of the Constitution. However, these powers can be exercised by the governor only on the recommendation of the council of ministers.


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