What does Article 77 say?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 6th, 2022

The conduct of government business is covered in Article 77 of the Indian Constitution. The following provisions are mentioned: Every executive decision by the Indian government must be explicitly made in the President's name.

Article 77 in The Constitution of India

  • Orders and documents prepared and executed in the President's name must be authenticated following any rules the President may make.
  • The legality of a document that has been thus certified cannot be contested because it was not created or executed by the President.
  • The President will establish regulations to facilitate the efficient conduct of government activities.
  • In line with whatever procedures the President may establish, orders and other documents made and issued in the President's name must be authenticated.
  • The President will enact regulations to ensure that government operations are carried out effectively.


What does Article 77 say?

Article 77 of the Indian Constitution regulates how the government conducts itself. There are the following clauses mentioned: The President's name must be expressly used in every executive decision made by the Indian government.


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