What does Article 275 say?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 5th, 2022

The Indian Constitution has provisions about grants from the union to particular states in Article 275. This scheme is executed through ITDP & SDWO. Under this scheme, Roads, Bridges, Dames, School buildings, Community Halls, Cultural complexes, Rural Electrification, etc. are undertaken.

Article 275 of the Indian Constitution

Article 275 specifies that the Parliament may, by legislation, charge specific amounts to the Consolidated Fund of India each year as grants-in-aid of the revenues of any States that it deems to need help, with different quantities possibly being set for various states.

  • It provides for the payment of such sums as Parliament may by law provide as grants-in-aid to such States as Parliament may determine to need assistance.
  • These grants are to be of the nature of funds and periodic sums as may be necessary.
  • The article's primary purpose is to promote the welfare of the Scheduled Tribes in that State or raise the administration level of the Scheduled Areas.


What does Article 275 say?

Article 275 of the Indian Constitution contains provisions relating to grants from the union to specific states. It was discussed on 8 August 1949 and 9 August 1949. Further, the article was amended in 1969 to incorporate autonomous States.


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