What do you mean by RMPs? Where are they found?

By Shivank Goel|Updated : September 8th, 2022

RMPs stands for Registered Medical Practitioner. The RMPs are located in rural areas of the country. They are found in rural areas as they do not have access to the improved medical facilities generally available to the people living in urban areas. To compensate for the loss, the government is set up certain healthcare facilities/ centers in those areas for easy treatment of backward and poor people.

Duties of Registered Medical Practitioner

Registered Medical Practitioner is a qualified person registered with a medical board or duly licensed with a qualified degree in western medicine. Registered Medical Practitioner is not similar to a doctor. Here are the duties of the Registered Medical Practitioner-

  • Duty of care in treatment administration.
  • Duty of care in deciding the mode of treatment.
  • Duty to Third party.
  • Duty to Control and warn.
  • Duty of care in deciding if they want to handle the case or not.
  • Duties under Geneva Conventions.
  • Duty towards Children and adults.
  • Duty about Poisons.
  • Professional Secrecy
  • If there is a lack of these responsibilities, then the Registered Medical Practitioner can undertake the account of the right of action for the patient's negligence.

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  • Registered Medical Practitioner is the full form for RMPs. Registered Medical practitioners are found in rural areas where medical facilities are not good, unlike the urban areas.

  • Registered Medical Practitioner is any individual who has been qualified for a justified degree in western medicine and is duly licensed. He can council to practice medicine and surgery or is registered with the relevant medical board.

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