What do you infer from Sam’s letter to Charley?

By K Balaji|Updated : November 12th, 2022

Sam's letter to Charley is a mystery which blends together the worlds of fantasy and reality, and requires further exploring.

Although sent to his grandfather in Galesburg, Illinois, the letter was addressed to Charley. It is now in his grandfather's collection and was sent in 1894. Where it had never before been seen, the letter was unexpectedly discovered amid the first-day covers. Additionally, the letter's contents exactly reflect what Charley believed about Galesburg in the 1890s.

Sam's letter to Charley is a puzzle that combines the actual world with fantasy, so it merits more investigation. One can examine the letter from two different angles. It demonstrates that Sam has arrived in the Galesburg of 1984 on some level. On a deeper level, though, we can deduce that the letter is just another example of his delusions or fantasies of escape. It's likely that as Charley was studying the old first-cover letter, he was transported to the alternate reality where Sam had first sent it to him. The letter captures Sam's insatiable need to keep seeking out the third level.

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